houses for sale street 1440

Visit the Community

Experience the neighborhood before owning the neighborhood

Look, See, Feel the Neighborhood

Driving through a neighborhood can give a person some idea about the community but getting out and walking the neighborhood experiences it firsthand.  It is essential to visit the neighborhood different times of the day.

Ask questions about the neighborhood. How is the traffic? How are the houses kept up? Is there music or other noises? How does the area smell? Are the streets well lit at night?
Are people outside or inside? Are there children playing outside? Are the neighbors friendly? Or are they suspicious?

Listen for late-night noise. Many college areas or an area with a lively bar scene can be very loud at night.
Visualize yourself in the neighborhood. Can you see yourself jogging or walking the dog? Is this the neighborhood you can call home? If so, then move forward to find the dream first home.


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