school information

Schools   Shopping   Crime

Three very important aspects of a neighborhood.


Check the Big Three Schools Shopping Crime


School information is vital when looking for a new home. Families looking for a new home have a big decision to make about which school district to move into. If there is a special school, double and even triple check with the school that the exact property address is in the district.

Finding good school information can be a challenge. Who do you trust? Where do you start looking? How do you balance all factors in choosing a new home? Check out



Shopping areas are very important to quality of life. Knowing what shops are essential when looking for that first home is the key to getting the shopping preferences. Know what shops are preferred in walking distance. The main food stores that are in the area are generally very important. What specialty shops are desired?

If coffee shops are important, check them out first. Shop the area to check if the experience is acceptable. Remember, neighborhoods change and so do the shopping centers. Businesses come and go.


Research the area’s crime reports. Use the internet search feature to find important data about the neighborhood. Ask people when you walk the area about the crime issue. Check out the houses. If they look like barricades and urban forts, it may say something about the crime in the area. Talk to the police about the street and general neighborhood for some information. Take ownership of this issue.

Megan’s Law

When looking for a new place to live, one of the things to be aware of is the sex offenders in the area. The sad fact is they are everywhere. The map is full of blue dots showing the location of sex offenders. You can click on a dot and get a photo with the name and address of the sex offender.

 To start a Megan’s Law search, follow the simple steps or just go to
 The first step is the Megan’s Law Disclaimer.  You must read and acknowledge the disclaimer at the bottom of page before it will let you see the list of registered sex offenders.

  Then you simple select search options like zip code, city, address, name and county.

Checking the big three issues of a neighborhood is a little work, but yields a big dividend. Knowing about the schools, shopping and crime are in a community for yourself will give peace of mind when buying the first home.

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