For Sale By Owner


How to put a House for Sale by Owner


Before putting the house for sale

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) has a major pre sale effort that must be undertaken. Understanding the selling real estate paper work is a must. Do the due diligence of real estate transaction before the commitment of selling a home by yourself.

Pricing a property is extremely important if the property is going to sell, and sell at the correct price. Check out these articles about the subject: Home Valuation information , Determining a Listing Price for Your Property

Get the property ready to sell. If the house shows well, people will want to buy it. If it does not show well, than only investors will want to buy it for cheap

Putting the house for sale

Write a great property description.
Take great pictures.
Let the world know the property is for sale.
The key to marketing real estate is the more people who know the property is for sale, the more chance of selling it.
Tons of on line real estate sites will put the FSBO property on their site. Do them all.
Put a sign on the property
Let your neighbors know it is for sale
Do Craigslist
If you have money to market, than get it on the local MLS.
Key: you should have a plan to give a real estate agent a commission to find a buyer. If not, then do not do the MLS.
Keep the house clean and free of clutter check out these staging ideas …..
Be ready to negotiate
Have the offer forms ready

Selling the house

Agree on a price
Get EMD read more:
Make sure they have the money to buy
Check bank or where the cash is for a cash buyer
Check the lender for a pre-approved buyer
Don’t accept an offer from a non-cash buyer without pre-approval. It is a waste of your time.
Be ready for all the real estate scams
Get paper work to an escrow company that will work with a FSBO
Stay on the buyer to get all paper work signed and all money into escrow
Than close the deal, sign the documents, get the check


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FSBO 5 quick insights on how to sell your property

 1.  Properly price the property matching to what the current market will bear.  Over price your home could mean it will either sit on the market too long. Underpricing the property and you willl make less on the sale than the home is worth.

 2.  Write a great property description.

 3.  Make a marketing plan for your home to give it maximum exposure.  The plan could include designing, printing and distributing property flyers, just listed postcards and print ads for local newspapers and home magazines. Another strong aspect of marketing is entering your home in the Multiple Listing Service. Think about website or putting it on other home search websites.  Great pictures are a must. And think about creating virtual tours of your home.

 4.  Do an open houses and to show the home to interested buyers, who may not want to work around your schedule to see the home.

 5.  Do the Follow-up with buyers’ agents who have shown the home to gauge the interest of their buyers and get their feedback.


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