• November 19, 2015
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5 Features that Young Buyers Looking for in a Home

kitchen 3 Sutter Buttes home

Millennials are the second-largest segment of home buyers, ranking behind only baby boomers, according to the National Association of Realtors. These five features are the latest trend to attract millennials who are looking to buy their first home.


An up-to-date kitchen and bath

Younger buyers often have limited funds for renovations, so it’s important that they have functional and inviting bathroom and kitchen spaces from the very start.

An open floor plan

The formal dining room is not of actual value to millennial home buyers.  Many millennial prefer open spaces with no separation between kitchen, living room, and dining room. An open concept makes it easier to entertain everyone at once.

An office

More and more jobs are offering work-from-home options.  There are also plenty of freelancers and telecommuters among millennials. A dedicated space for getting some work done can be a key attraction.

Friendly location

Many millennials prefer walking, biking, or public transit for their commutes. A great location is key to their home wish list.

Energy savings

Millennials are often more conscious of energy conservation and efficiency. Energy-efficient appliances, energy-efficient windows, and quality insulation can make a huge difference. Millennials find value in being “green” that goes beyond saving money.