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Real Estate Problems

Buying a home is not easy.

Real Estate Transaction Issues


The real estate transaction is complicated. It is difficult because of all the moving parts. There are the legal issues. The first time home buyer is overwhelmed by the amount of paper work to be viewed, understood and signed. Many times this is the first time they need a notary to witness the signing of a document. This brings home how legal the process really is.

There are the personally issues. The buyer and seller are just a few of the people involved. There are their friends and family passing on all their experience and wisdom. Sometimes there are hidden agenda to kill the deal for their own reasoning. The agents personally get in the way of some deals. The agents professionalism or lack thereof also can create problems in the real estate process.

The escrow people, service works, appraisers, government personnel could get involved, inspectors and a host of other people could be involved in the real estate transaction. With all those people, compliance issues, work habits, misunderstanding and finance issues all create an atmosphere of complexity and potential problems.

The key to understand for the first time home buyer is that there will be real estate problems when trying to close a real estate transaction. Problems are not a sign of anything wrong, until they cannot be solved.

Many real estate problems can be monetarized. When making a real estate problem into a dollar amount, the solution can be understood by most of the parties involved. If the parties want the deal to close, than there is a great chance that almost any problem can be overcome. But if one of the party to the deal does not wish the deal to close, than even the smallest problem can kill a real estate deal.

This is where a real estate company is worth the commission paid. If they can come up with creative and continual solutions to problems, they will enhance the ability to close the deal on the first time home buyer’s home. Coffee Real Estate believes in a team approach to closing real estate transaction. We are committed to bring all the right people to the table to solve the myriad of real estate transaction problems.

Accept that there will be problems in the real estate transaction. It is part of the process. Be confident in the professional team that assists in the transaction to solve the problems. But there are some unsolvable problems. If the title is not transferable, than the deal will die. But as a home owner, the ability to sell the property is an important value of the property. To get stuck with a nontransferable property is a big problem. It is better not to close a deal like that than be trapped in a property.

Work with the real estate professional team to know when it is good to have a transaction not close.

Real estate transaction problems are part of the process. Solving them is part of the professional services Coffee Real Estate devotes significant time and resources. Coffee Real Estate’s commitment to clear client communication helps with understanding these issues and the process to resolve them.

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