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Coffee's Professional Real Estate Agents create a personalized real estate marketing plan for your property.


Marketing Plan to Sell Property


Just like a successful business has a marketing plan so do professional real estate agents create marketing plans to sell properties. Success takes a plan. Selling your home takes an individualize property sell’s marketing plan.

Achieving the maximum price is commonly the most important aspect to the home owner. Coffee Real Estate agents will work with you to navigate today’s real estate market to accomplish the very best price.

How fast it sells is commonly just as important as price. Balancing of speed and price is the skill of marketing your house.

Ordinary Realtors just put a home into the system and hope for the best. Others make your house fit the mold and fail to find what makes your house more valuable. Regrettably this cookie cutter marketing plan may have inherent negative outcome to your house price. This approach hurts the value and ability to sell your house.

Coffee Real Estate takes the personal approach to each and every house we sell. We want to maximize your house’s attributes in a way the home buyer finds attractive and valuable.

Coffee Real Estate uses many of these marketing tools to sell houses for more. We may use them all or just the right ones to sell your house. Coffee Real Estate marketing professionals may create a one of kind marketing tool or event to sell your house.


  • ™    The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) covers Northern California and exposes your property to professional real estate agents with thousands of potential buyers. We will prepare your property to appear in these Multiple Listing Services.
  • ™    Photography is very important when selling a house or property. The greatest of care will be taken when shooting your property both the interior and the exterior. The pictures will be used in many marketing applications.
  • ™    Virtual tours have striking full screen panoramic view of your house. Virtual tours can be a very powerful marketing tool to help sell your property.
  • ™    We develop web pages of your home on our web site with detailed descriptions, a photo page, community information and school reports. Creating an internet site just for your property is one way to use the web to sell your house
  • ™    QR codes pointing to online information will be used where appropriate.
  • ™    Mobile Marketing reaches many unreached property buyers. Also mobile optimize marketing reaches prospect when they are out looking in the market place. Correctly done buyers will act on the spot to check out a property and take action.
  • ™    E-mail Marketing can target the right buyers. If the target preferred buyer can be profiled and or a list of prospect can be reached with a persuasive and informative email can be very effective.
  • ™    Real estate for sale signs are one of the most traditional property marketing tools. They let the neighborhood know this house is for sale and can bring in some local leads. The QR code and flyer box also adds interest in the house.
  • ™    The electronic lockbox we use provides maximum security by providing a trail of the last 50 times the box has been opened and by whom. Studies have shown that a lockbox creates more showings.
  • ™    Social Media can be used effectively to sell houses. We use the power of social media to market your property. This is one area were the cookie cutter marketing can hurt your house selling. If the people in the social network feel like they are being spammed, they can actually hurt the selling process. Social Media done right helps. But done wrong it can set you back.
  • ™    Craigslist can be a powerful tool for the correct property.
  • ™    Ad word campaigns can generate leads for the right type of properties.
  • ™    The Internet promotes your property worldwide. Using the internet properly can create value and more leads. Just putting up your house and hoping something sticks is a hit or miss program. Some sites will help sell your property because of exclusivity others have mass appeal. Knowing how to market your property properly is the key to a successful sale.
  • ™    Blog Posts help get into the details of the property. It also builds value with a deep understanding of the features. Also blog feeds like RSS get the message out to a large audience.
  • ™    Magazine publication is a possibility for many properties. Choosing the right magazine is one of the targeting skills that we can bring to the table when selling your house. We will buy the cover story for the right property to command the highest profile with the most gravitas possible. Or we can show off the value of the property for the first buyer in another situation.
  • ™    Marketing Professionals look at sell real estate differently then Realtors. They focus on what is important to the buy and make a selling message appeal to them. This is a strong advantage over standard real estate agents.
  • ™    A mailing program may be applicable to marketing your property. We will determine which neighborhoods that may be interested in your home so we can make sure they are aware of your property.
  • ™    We can create a custom flyer that stresses all of the best amenities of your house. The idea is to make the best possible impression. Having a physical piece of paper is not to be understated with certain buyers. This traditional marketing device can still have its place in the digital age.
  • ™    Home staging is the process of preparing a home to sell in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to sell a home quickly. Home staging works by making a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers.
  • ™    Unique marketing message channels are appropriate for specialty properties.


 Staging focuses on improving a property’s appeal to the largest number of prospective buyers by giving it a makeover to turn it into a welcoming, appealing, and attractive home for sale.

The marketing list is longer but I think you get the point. Coffee Real Estate will do what it takes to sell your property. We will work with you on pricing and other strategies to make the home selling process as easy and profitable as possible.



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