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No Repairs, Sell As-Is, No Realtors, No Closing Costs. Leave Any Unwanted Items Behind, Close When You Need Too.

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Do you know you can CASH out by using our powerful experienced investor top dollar cash offer?
Do you ever wonder why we can pay more cash?

Here’s the secret: We are experienced real estate brokers and investors.

Let me explain: As real estate brokers we know how to price out your property to the highest price in the real estate market today.
Flippers guess at the market value then make low ball offers to cover their lack of knowledge.

Flippers low ball offers

The big question on my client’s mind is…how can I cash out for the max value of the house?

Many clients come to me frustrated with low ball offers, or worse when the so called home buyers make an offer but don’t have the money to close the deal!

I’ve been working with frustrated home sellers for a long time now finding them the best way to sell their property. For some it is quick and easy “as is”, no clean up, no showing, no commission sale. For others it is just help with the complicated paperwork and transaction process for a low fee. And others it is full service marketing, buyer acquisition and all the way to closing for top retail price.

As a licensed real estate broker and C-REPS – Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists – licensed and credentialed real estate brokers preforming home price analysis called Broker Price Opinions – BPOs gives us the experience and professional knowledge to accurately price your property. Investing in real estate to rehab since 1982 from row home properties to single family dwellings creates a wealth of data to fairly price your property.

It took me many years and seeing houses sell quickly and not selling at all, to learn how to evaluate real estate correctly, but I have finally perfected a stress free cash out process and want to share my decades of expertise with you.

Now, you can have a stress free cash out price too.

Here is how easy it is to get your CASH now.

Our easy three step process will get your real estate sold stress free.

1. Fill out the form for a free property valuation

2. Receive a no obligation offer

3. Verify and close the sale

cash offer for home

“We recently closed on a residential real estate transaction with investor Dan Parisi and are very glad we did!

Dan was a pleasure to work with. He was expedient in his evaluation of my elderly cousin’s home for sale and made us a very fair and reasonable offer which we readily accepted. He was very professional and made it very easy for us to accomplish a quick close, “as-is” sale for a home”

Sacramento home seller

“We elected to seek out a direct cash investor rather than preparing and staging the home for a formal retail listing of the property for sale which would have taken several months and would have increased the stress level and anxiety. With the state of the economy looming over us, we were focused on a quick close.

We are glad to have met Dan who worked with us on the timing of our move out and was flexible and very understanding.”

Carmichael property seller

cash offer

Here are some of the benefits of selling your property to our professional real estate investors.

•Cash closing

•No repairs

•No commission

•No escrow fees

•You set the time to get paid

•You don’t have to clean the house

•Walk away with cash and no more real estate problems

Today, you can begin to sell your property without stress or you can continue to experience the pressure and cost of owning the house.

But there is a cost of inaction:

−Real estate taxes add up every day
−Home insurance
−The real estate market risk of going down is a very real possibility in these days
−Deferred maintenance can lower property value
−The house could get damaged
−Real estate liabilities and legal issues
−And a million other things could lower the value

But it is easy to take the first step to get your CASH now.

Free evaluation No Obligation Appraisal