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Innovative Commissions Structure

 After repaying the mortgage, the largest monies cost from a house sale is generally the real estate agency commission. Some sellers are upset with the cost. Others believe it is just the cost of real estate. They feel it is just the rules of the game concept. Many feel it is worth every penny to find the buyer and have the deal go as smoothly as possible. Others feel it is a big rip off.

I feel both are right! This is the heart of Coffee Real Estate’s commission structure.

Coffee Real Estate empowers the home seller with options. Options are sometime complicated. But the heart and soul of Coffee Real Estate commissions are to satisfy the home seller with how much they want to pay to sell their property with the services that match. A Coffee Real Estate agent can share the options with a home seller to see which options they prefer.

The first option is to choose between a Percentage Commission or a Fee Based Commission.

The Fee Based Commission structure for real estate is very uncommon at this time. Basically a home seller pays only for the service they want. If they only want the real estate agent to list the property on the MLS and do the transaction paper work they only pay for those two services. If they want to add photos of the property or home staging, then they add those fees. The property seller is in total control of the number of services they want Coffee Real Estate to perform.

Because Coffee Real Estate is both a full service company and fee based if the home seller feels they don’t want to continue in the fee base system, we can change over to a percentage and all the money paid in fees is counted in the percentage. It is a no lose situation.

Coffee Real Estate’s percentage commission’s structure is also innovative.

It is not fixed. It is designed to the advantage of the property seller. The simple part to understand is that the percentage is broken into two parts. The first part is to cover the transaction cost and marketing cost. These can vary based on the property. The second part of the percentage commission is the motivating factor of the buyer’s agent.

Unfortunately, how to determine the percentage of each part is based on the property, location, the local real estate market, selling price of the property, the marketing cost to achieve the purchase price, the complexity of the transaction and many more variables. The professional agents at Coffee Real Estate will do the evaluation of the individual situation and explain the options to the property seller. This empowers the home owners to make the decision that best fits their needs.

Coffee Real Estate’s innovative real estate commission rewards our clients with the most profitable home selling experience. Working with our professional agents to select the best percentage or set of fees enhances the confidence that a correct decision was made when selling a property.


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