Horse Property

Horse Property


Horse property

Horse ranches are as much about a life style as they are a place to live.

The basic elements of a horse ranch are barn, pasture, paddock, training area, fencing, feed and hay storage areas and, of course, a place for people to live. All of these features can be highly specialized or very rudimentary just depending on the needs and budget of the property owner.

The focal point of most horse properties is the barn. In the barn the horses live. Morning starts in the barn. Feeding and caring for the horses, many times happen in the barn. The barn also houses the horse equipment.

Sharing a home with horses makes a more in depth  connection to nature. Horses have a unique relationship with people. Their intelligence and power are gracefully displayed every day. Their daily needs connect horse caregivers with life’s cycles. The reward of living with your horse is a daily bond that is rewarding to you and the horse.



Horse Property Information


Finding the right Horse Property

The location of the horse ranch is very importance. The key to understanding the location is all about local knowledge. Finding a local real estate team who are experts in horse properties will pay big dividends when searching the local landscape for that perfect equine home.


Horse Property Checklist

This horse property checklist has a local focus on northern California and gold country foothills real estate. Horse property is as much about a life style as it is about a place to live. There are many things to consider when buying a property for you and your horses.

20 questions for gold country horse properties

20 questions that come up when looking at horse property in the northern California foothills gold country.