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Established lucrative Residential Care Facility for the Elderly care home property is licensed for 15 clients. This care home is great cash flow property. Turnkey operation is ready to go. This RCFE care home creates a pleasant quality of life with fenced backyard, living room, reading room and family atmosphere. 2 buildings and 2 apartments in addition to the care home generate value for this property.
The Grass Valley Nevada City area in northern California foothills is one of the most desirable places to live. The gold country is rich with history and beauty. Old town Grass Valley and all the modern shopping and specialty eating make this area a wonderful place to live. This creates demand for new clients and a strong real estate market.
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Care Home Public Areas

1. Care Home Public areas:

Public areas are the family room, dining room, back yard and places that are open for any care home client can enter and live without barriers. The concept of free access is significant to the public areas. This is where a care home becomes a home.

Care Home Outside Living Areas

2. Care Home Outside areas:

Peace and quality of in a care home comes from a successful mix of public and private areas. The outdoor living area can create space to clients to gather in small groups or get away into a private time with nature. This Grass Valley care home has many areas for clients to enjoy the beauty of the gold country foothills.

Care Home Private Areas

3. Care Home Private areas:

Private areas are the rooms that an individual controls. Bedrooms are generally the most important private space. These can be shared but an area within the bedroom can be designated an individual personal space.

Grass Valley Care Home

4. Care Home:

Care homes are special properties. They need approved safety issues like fire control and access. They need functional features like laundry equipment, food storage and prep areas, access issues, client and business storage, office and much more. This care home in Grass Valley has all the issues worked out. It is fully licensed for 15 clients and is operationally functioning with a positive cash flow.

Grass Valley 15 Clients Care Home Value

The Grass Valley FCFE Care homes licensed for 15 clients are not an easy to find property or business. The positive cash flow turnkey operation care home is even more unique. The ownership of the Grass Valley care home has worked out all the issues over time to keep the care home full and profitable. The skills and resources transferred with this property and business are extremely valuable.  
The time and know how to put together a care home business is greatly underestimated by first time care home operators. There is a lot of trial and error learning curve in what works and what does not work.
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly or RCFE is non-medical facilities that provide a level of care that includes assistance with activities of daily living. Residential Care Facility for the Elderly are sometimes called “Assisted Living” or “Board and Care” facilities.

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