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Elk Grove Real Estate and Community Insights


Why choose Elk Grove as your new home?

Elk Grove is a vibrant and growing community 15 miles south of Sacramento. Its 170,000 diverse residents enjoy 97 beautiful parks.

Elk Grove is the largest school district in Northern California with 42 elementary schools, nine middle schools, and nine high schools, Elk Grove Unified School district is a leader in public K-12 education.

Elk Grove residents enjoy robust retail offerings and immense opportunities to dine at known favorite chain restaurants as well as up and coming independent restaurants. The city offers shopping at retailers, both large and small, including Costco Wholesale, Green Acres Nursery & Supply, Nugget Markets, and Sprouts Farmers Market.

Once known as a “commuter city,” Elk Grove has reinvented itself as a leader in economic growth, attracting large employers such as Apple and various state agencies.

The Cosumnes Community Services District offers multiple recreational facilities, including two large aquatic centers. Other activities available to Elk Grove residents include walking and biking trails.

Elk Grove’s established neighborhoods make for the best real estate market in the region. Well-known communities are great for neighborhood play parks, local businesses and an accepting community. Also, the city has seen new housing developments in the southern and eastern parts of Elk Grove.

Come see for yourself. There are lots of reasons to make Elk Grove your new home.

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What to do with inherited property in Elk Grove?

When you inherited property in Elk Grove there is a process to keep the home or sell it. If property didn’t go to a trust it will go through the probate process.

I’m here to help you through this process as I am a Elk Grove Probate & Trust Realtor that is a Certified Probate & Trust Real Estate Specialist (CPRES).


Why do people want to live in Elk Grove?

Elk Grove is a great place to live. Elk Grove has more than 90 parks and destinations that are free and open to the public. Elk Grove has a big variety of shopping areas. Many small businesses and specialty shops makes for an exceptional shopping experience and much more.

What types of houses are found in Elk Grove?

Elk Grove is a perfect community to make a home. Elk Grove attracts first-time home buyers, move-up buyers, and investors. The property styles vary from ranch style to two story houses, condos, bungalows, large estate lots and custom houses.

What is the history of Elk Grove California?

Some history of Elk Grove: It was incorporated as a city on July 1, 2000. Before that Elk Grove was a stage stop back in 1850 for travelers coming from Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay area. The Elk Grove hotel and stage stop was opened by James Hall and the town was subsequently named after the hotel. Elk Grove is a city in Sacramento County, California.

The Elk Grove Unified School District is the fifth largest school district in California and one of the fastest growing school districts in the nation.

What are the zip codes for Elk Grove?

There are four zip codes for Elk Grove 95624, 95757, 95758 and 95759.

What are some fun out door actives in Elk Grove?

1. Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge 

2. Elk Grove Regional Park

3. Morse Park

4. Shasta Community Park

5. Kunsting Family Park

Elk Grove is a business friendly city.

What are Elk Grove’s local utility companies?
  • City of Elk Grove – Garbage and storm drain – 916-478-3642
  • Sacramento County Water Agency –water services – 916-875-5555 (residents living west of highway 99)
  • Elk Grove Water Service District – water services – 916-685-3556 (residents living east of highway 99)
  • Sacramento County Area Sewer District – sewer services – 916-875-5555
  • PG&E – gas services – 1-800-743-5000
  • SMUD – electric services – 1-888-742-7683

A good website to find out more about Elk Grove is www.elkgrovecity.org

Read this wonderful story about living in Elk Grove

"Our family loved the house. We wanted to make it our new home in Elk Grove.
But never in our lives had we ever lived in a place where every neighbor on our court was not only friendly, but became like family."

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