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Coffee Real Estate

 Our Vision

Coffee Real Estate endeavor to provide home sellers with the most comprehensive options when selling their property. Delivering superior customer service at which ever level of service the client wishes. If they choose our to flat fee $995 or even lower priced services to sell their property or our full service luxury care suite a professional exceptional client experience is our goal.

Our success lies solely in the satisfaction of our clients. We will exhaust every effort to sell our clients’ homes as quickly as possible and for the highest price the market will allow.

Home buyers dream of finding a new home inspires us to exceptional diligence when searching the real estate market place. Not only do we look at the houses on the market we will canvas a community to find properties that “just right home” for our clients. Ordinary is not enough to find that perfect new home for a family. Coffee Real Estate is committed to finding the right home in the right area at the right price for our clients.

Real estate investors want a wide range of professional services. Coffee Real Estate strives to match the investor with their real estate goal. Coffee Real Estate flexible range of services is ideal for real estate investors. The investor is in control of the level of service. An outstanding professional real estate service is our goal with each and every investor.


Our Belief

 Our mission is to be client focused. Coffee Real Estate offers professional real estate services at the level of assistance that the client wants. Coffee Real Estate offers full service luxury real estate features to pick only the services necessary to accomplish the real estate transaction.

Empowering our professional real estate agents to do what it takes to focus on the client.

Coffee Real Estate provides the most comprehensive range of real estate services from full service to flat fees with superior client satisfaction. We sell our clients’ homes as quickly as possible and for the highest price. Our agents find the perfect house for families to make a home. Coffee Real Estate works with real estate investors to acquire and liquidate properties.


testimonial author

Dan Parisi is a very professional person. He is proficient both as a realtor and communicator. The real estate process can be very difficult at times. He clearly helped me understand what was...Read more


Home Buyer

Dan Parisi

Dan Parisi

Coffee Professional Real Estate Agent and CEO

When considering a real estate agent in Sacramento or the Northern California foothills, you want someone you can depend on and trust. Dan Parisi is a professional real estate agent.

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    Havilah Parisi

    Coffee Professional Real Estate Agent and Horse Property Specialist

    Havilah Parisi has a passion for real estate and is very excited to match people with their special home. She says, “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing people in the right home for them.” Havilah is dedicated in the hunt for the best home and getting the best deal for her clients.

    NABPOP Member Coffee Real Estate

    Coffee Real Estate Member

    Coffee Real Estate is a member of National Association of BPO Professional. NABPOP Members distinguish themselves and increase their BPO credibility by obtaining a BPO Certification from NABPOP. NABPOP provides BPO Certification that is recognized in the BPO Industry. NABPOP Certification includes:
    • BPO Concepts and Principles
    • BPO Process
    • Common arithmetic and BPO calculations
    • Pricing and evaluation Techniques

    C-REPS Coffee Real Estate

    C-REPS – Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist is achieved only after taking the BPO course from the of National Association of BPO Professional and passing a strict test.

    C-REPS - Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists - are licensed and credentialed real estate agents and brokers. Like a traditional agent, C-REPS are experts at marketing and selling or buying houses - all the reasons why you get a real estate agent. C-REPS are a cut above.

    In addition to traditional real estate practices, C-REPS typically perform, on a regular basis, home price analysis (called Broker Price Opinions - BPOs) for financial institutions such as banks, lenders, and mortgage servicers. C-REPS are also formally trained in pricing and valuation techniques and procedures which regular real estate agents don't get. C-REPS have a more refined skill set and are more qualified for the following reasons:

    • Practical Experience in Valuing Property Amenities and Pricing Houses

    • Continuous and in depth Market Research & Analysis

    • Comprehensive Education in House and Property Pricing

    • Performance Criteria to maintain designation

    • Access to superior market data

    • Access to Pricing/Valuation Resources

    • Access to Real Estate Pricing Peer to Peer Network

    • BPO Standards and Guidelines (BPOSG)

    C-REPS is an elite designation earned by members of The National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP). NABPOP is the BPO Certification Authority for C-REPS.