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October 27, 2017 in Real Estate

Home for sale Grass Valley CA

Grass Valley Country Home Affordable home move in ready home 2.5 acres  Great Schools and much more….   The Grass Valley country home on rare 2.5 acres countryside estate creates a wonderful place to live. The oak studded park like setting enhances the hard wood floors... Read more
October 13, 2017 in Real Estate

2 Secrets to Sell Your Home Fast and for More Money

2 Secrets to Sell Your Home Fast and for More Money   These are not “for sale by owner” tricks. These secrets immediately give you the insights you need to sell your home quicker and for more money.   Like most profound secrets, these two will be understood when viewed from... Read more
September 14, 2016 in Real Estate

Closing Costs for California Real Estate

Closing Costs for California Real Estate Remember rule one in real estate: Everything is Negotiable   Closing costs refer to the expenses paid by the buyer and the seller as negotiated at the close of the sale of property.  The payment of the closing costs is a negotiable subject... Read more
August 31, 2016 in Real Estate

Five Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Five Tips for First Time Home Buyers     Everyone's dream home is different. All the preparation of finding the right neighborhood, knowing the correct price range and having a clear picture of the house wanted now come together in finding the right home. No matter how much... Read more
July 7, 2014 in Real Estate

CC&R Rules

CC&Rs Can Have a Big Impact on a Home   Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions or CC&Rs create rules for a housing community.  The CCR&Rs are agreements on the part of the buyer to do or not do certain things.  The buyer automatically agrees to these by purchasing the... Read more
June 22, 2014 in Real Estate Business

Coffee Real Estate

Why Coffee Real Estate?   Yes I like coffee but that is not a really good way to name a business. Coffee is easy for people to remember. Coffee is generally will liked. And I think it makes for a good logo and promotional items. Coffee is a well-known comfort food. The aroma of coffee fills a... Read more


Coffee Real Estate
What’s up with CoffeeReal.Estate? Coffee Real Estate’s web site is CoffeeReal.Estate. There is no .com. Yes another business had the .com address. But we went for the cool factor of a .estate web site address. .estate is visible to Internet users as the suffix at the end of a domain... Read more