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Sierra Foothill's new built home in the heart of Gold Country is a dream home.

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Amazing Sierra Foothill's horse ranch is a great home for people and horses. 

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The Sierra Foothills of Northern California are made up of many towns, cities and communities. The Sierra Foothills is sometime known as the gold county. These homes feature friendly, small-town feel along with rural ambiance. There are historic houses and ranches and new custom built homes with all the most modern designs.
The streams, rivers, and lakes, of the Sierra Nevada foothills offer some of the most picturesque real estate in all of California. The views of mountain vistas, forested land and local landscape are like works of art that change every day.
Country living does not have to be a country mile from your nearest neighbor. The sierra foothills have homes in every style of living. You can live in a town house or 20 acre house ranch. There are neighborhoods like suburbs or one acre parcels. You can be on city water or have well water. You can be minutes away from highway 80 or 50 or take 20 minutes to get to town. How you want to live can be found with the right real estate team. We at Coffee Real Estate live in the Sierra Foothills and can help you find some beautiful and affordable homes in the foothills.



Featured Foothill Home

New Built Custom Country Home

 NEW HOME! The open concept design is great for entertaining. Spacious master bedroom includes direct access to deck, vaulted ceiling and large walk-in closet with shelving & custom drawers. The master bath is tiled with soaking tub, large walk in shower and double sink Close to historic downtown Nevada City.


3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

2309 Square Feet*

Lot Size 3.1 Acres*

Large Master Suite

Move in Ready

Country Living at its Best

Only $799,000

You will be the first Owner!

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Featured Foothill Horse Ranch


The Sierra foothill horse ranch property in Northern California has all the horse amenities to make both the horse and the family feel at home. The ranch is great for either English or Western horse training. And near by trails makes tail rides as easy as get on and ride. The horse arena is 160' x 80'. The horses are happy with a round pen, barn, stalls with paddocks, and fenced pastures with shade trees. And much more...



3/4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

3,000 Square Feet*

Lot Size 23 Acres*

First Floor Master Suite

 Land Development 

Business Development

 Home Office

160' x 80' Arena with lights


Foothill Horse Ranch for Sale

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Casual and cozy is a good way to describe a country style home.  Country decor evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Country is warm wood tones that creates a back to nature home feel.

* Disclaimer: Lot Size and Square Footage obtained from tax assessor records through sources deemed reliable but cannot be guaranteed as to its accuracy. Any information of special interest should be obtained through independent verification. Information has not been verified by agent.

Country Living in California

Country living is many things to many people. Country living can be living in the country. Country can be decorating choice. It can be a life style or an image. Country living can be self-sufficient living, gardening, horses or animals of all types. Country living can mean big families, multi-generational families, unique family groups and living out your golden years in a peaceful surrounding.

Horse Ranches

Horse ranches are one of the most popular type of ranches. There are many things to consider when buying a property for you and your horses. The elements of a good horse property vary based on the goals of the property owner. The basic elements of a horse ranch are barn, pasture, paddocks, training area, fencing, feed and hay storage areas and, of course, a place for people to live. All of these features can be highly specialized or very rudimentary just depending on the needs and budget of the property owner.

Things to Consider When Buying a Home with a Well


What are the 2 most important things to consider when buying a home with a well?

1. Output - gallons per minute or gpm is the first thing many people think about when they buy a property with a well.

2. Quality of water – Water is extremely important to humans. The quality of the water coming out of the well is the most important consideration when testing a well.

Water is one of the most important things to life. Not having enough water can be very frustrating. Drinking bad water is dangerous. Buying a property in the California foothills many times includes owning a well for your water source.

What is the gallon per minute of a well?

The output of the well test is measure in a couple of ways. The gallon per minute or gpm is one of the key gauges for the production of the well.


For many people, moving to the gold country is the first time they will have well water as the main water source for the home. Abundant pure water is taken for grant by most people who live in a metropolitan area. City water is disparaged as tasting bad but for the most part it is safe to drink.

Water from underground aquifers are assumed to be good to drink. And expected to give plenty of water for a life time. Both assumptions are false.

Both the quantity and quality of water can be tested. If you are moving to the foothills the one set of tests that should never be waived or not done is testing the well for output and quality of water.

What is a good gallon per minute of a well production?

Understanding the local acceptable gpm is key to valuing the well. Each area in the California foothills have a local expectation of gpm. Sometimes this is good news, other times the area has only lower producing wells.

4 ways to help a lower producing well?

  1. Drill it deeper
  2. Add a storage tank
  3. Hydrofracking
  4. Find another source of water


One other well production number can help especially if the well is producing on the low end of acceptability is the stand or static water number. Basically, the water storage capacity is the number of gallons of water that are in the well pipe. Ask for the depth of the well when getting the well tested and have them give you the number of storage gallon.  

Here is how that works when you know the level of the water and pump depth, you’ll be able to determine the water storage capacity. A traditional 6-inch diameter drilled well can store 1.5 gallons of water per foot. It is just simple math after knowing the correct information. Drilling the well deeper should give it more storage in the well. This is known as static capacity.

Another way to add storage is to add a storage tank. With very low producing wells, this is only way to get enough water.

Hydrofracking is done by injecting high-pressure water via the drilled well into the rock formations surrounding it. The purpose of hydrofracturing is to widen fractures in the bedrock and spread them further. This will increase the network of water bearing fissures supplying water to the well.

Adding other sources of water can be very helpful. Even if the water is not potable it can take pressure off the well for other water needs like gardening. Public water for non-drinking purpose may be available. It is always a good choice to take advantage of these resources. These water sources in the foothills are called NID, ditch water, country water, channel, and other local names. Many times, they are acquired by the miner’s inch. You can also get a fraction of the miner’s inch for example, a half inch.