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Senior living housing

What is an Active Adult Community?

An Active Adult Community can be a few things.

1. It can be housing with age-restrictions for adults 55+, 62+ or senior community.

2. It can be a community that offers an independent lifestyle with the benefits of a full-service community.

3. It can be a retirement community.

4.It can be an active community. They are designed to encourage an active senior lifestyle. Some offer golf, hiking, biking, and swimming. The aim is to keep everyone active and enjoying sports, recreation, and a busy lifestyle as they age.

5. It can be a Leisure Community for retirees.

An Active Adult Community is basically housing with age-restrictions for adults 55+, 62+ or senior living. It can focus on activities or services to meet special needs of seniors. An Active Adult Community can have unique goals and focuses to meet the housing needs of a group of older adults.

What type of house can Active Adult Communities include?

Active Adult Communities include single-family homes, town homes, manufactured housing and multifamily housing. They can also have apartments and homes for rent.

What is an independent living community?

Independent living communities are designed for seniors who can still take care of most or all of their needs. The independent living communities are designed to provide social interaction. The 55+ and 60+ communities are examples of independent living communities.

Sun City Roseville and Sun City Lincoln are examples of an independent living community. Independent living is home ownership, condos or senior apartments in a retirement community for individuals who can still live independently. The independent living community provides for a safe, low-maintenance lifestyle, allowing residents to focus on socializing and engaging in recreational activities.

Is Sun City Roseville an independent living community?

Yes, Sun City Roseville is an example of a master planned independent living community. Sun City has beautiful homes with easy to maintain yards designed for active seniors. If you are from the silent generation or a boomer you can enjoy an active adult life style at Sun City. Sun City Roseville is located in Placer County in the Greater Sacramento Valley area.

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Does Sun City Roseville have activities for an active senior?

Yes, the Sun City Lodge has club rooms with a variety of fun activities for seniors. Some of the many activities at Sun City Roseville include golfing with two golf courses, swimming with one indoor and one outdoor pool, pickleball, tennis, bocce, billiards, quilting and sewing, computers, music, singing, interesting shows, birding, travel tours. The Sun City Lodge has club rooms for a variety of fun activities for their active adult residents. Some clubs are based around activities like painting, card games, crafting projects and the like.

How do age restricted housing communities work?

HUD states that it is legal for communities to market themselves as “55+”or “age-restricted” provided they maintain that 80 percent of the occupied units are occupied by at least one person who is 55 years of age or older.

Active adult communities will place an age-minimum on the residents. In most active adult communities, no one under the age of 19 may reside in the community unless granted an exemption. Most Active adult communities stipulate that if anyone under the age of 55 resides in their community, they must live in a household where at least one occupant is 55 or older.

Can you get more services than only an Independent Living community?


Eskaton Village is an example of an Independent Living with Services. Ask our senior living experts for more details about Independent Living with Services.

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What is an assisted living community?

An assisted living community is design for seniors who need some assistance with daily activities. Homes in an assisted living community include an atmosphere of assisted living which allows for the most independent living as possible.  Generally, assisted living communities have many levels of care to provide the level of care needed.

What is an assisted living facility?

An assisted living facility is defined as housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home.

What kind of services does an assisted living housing provide?

Assisted living homes provide personal care services. Many services are provided only if and when they are needed. These services can include meals, medication management, bathing assistance, and transportation.

Why do I need an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities provide more limited care. They can, however, provide personal care services if and when needed. These services can include meals, medication management, bathing assistance, and transportation.

Can a person move between independent living and assisted living?

Yes. Assisted living is a branch of independent living. Residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible. But when assisted living service is needed, they are provided. Assisted living residents are encouraged to continue with daily living activities as long as they are capable. This can include setting their own schedules and participating in activities that they enjoy.

Assisted living can be longer term than skilled nursing. Residents can use assisted living services for many years without the need of a skilled nursing setting.

What is congregate housing?

Assisted living facilities are also known as congregate housing, residential care, adult congregate care, boarding home, or domiciliary care. Sometimes they describe a house with the same services. Other times they focus on one or more care service. They are suitable for individuals who need daily personal care. This type of housing caters to light medical needs. They help assist with medication management up to intermittent skilled nursing care.

What is an example of an assisted living community?

Eskaton in Roseville can provide many different levels of assisted living. Eskaton can support an active independent senior. But they have the ability to provide many assisted living services. They have the resources to meet the seniors’ needs as they change.

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What Is a 55+ Community?

A 55+ community is a type of Active Adult Community. At lest one of the owners or occupants have to be 55 years old or older. A well designed 55 plus community accommodates people of that age both in the housing and community activity. The Active Adult setting has the atmosphere, layout, and amenities that are meant to provide for the needs of this age group.

What type of amenities are in 55+ Communities?

The amenities do vary greatly from community to community. But in general, most will have a clubhouse and exercise facilities, indoor and or outdoor pools. Active Adult Communities offer clubs for many crafts and hobbies. Most have additional security and home maintenance. Some even offer golf courses, marinas, on-site health care, restaurants, and professional entertainment. Nature and sports activities are important to Active Adult Communities.  They have walking trails, billiards rooms, card rooms, library/media center, tennis courts, bocce courts, lakes for fishing, and many other lifestyle related options.

If the seniors need some assistance with living, there are communities that offer this option.

Is it legal to have a community for adults 55 plus?

Yes. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA), the 1995 legislation governs senior housing and 55-and-over communities.

What Is a 62+ Community?

Basically, the same as 55+ but with the starting age at 62. Generally, they have more assisted living options.

Check out the Roseville Active Adult Community and see what they have to offer?

Do active adult communities have HOA’s?

Yes. Make sure to check out the details by asking to see a copy of the HOA’s bylaws.

Here are some examples of HOA rules. For instance, a dog owner would be very unhappy to find out that the association does not allow dogs.  HOA’s may also have restrictions on how many cars you can park in front of your house. Or some don’t allow residents to display flags of any kind, including the American flag. Check into RV issues. Home color and decorations could be an issue.

But the HOA’s do help the subdivision feel like a community. Also, the HOA’s help pay for the amenities.

Can an adult community lose its legal standing?

Yes. If the number of people age 55+ in a given community falls below the 80 percent threshold, the community could lose its age-restricted status.