How an Elk Grove house became more than a home!

Our family loved the house. We wanted to make it our new home in Elk Grove.
But never in our lives had we ever lived in a place where every neighbor on our court was not only friendly, but became like family.
I remember a time when our garage door was left open by mistake and a neighbor came over and closed it for us. Another time our dog needed to be let inside during a sudden rainstorm and someone was there for us again. The court became more than neighbors they be came an extended family.
Other small things like our trash cans needed to be rolled to the curb when we were on vacation; and our neighbors always looked out for us and were available to help take care of whatever we needed.
The home is close to the park, gym, shopping, and our favorite restaurants was a serious bonus. We walked everywhere, which gave us an excuse to slow down and enjoy the moments together.
The gym across the street felt like having our own community clubhouse. We sometimes would walk over just to swim or enjoy the sauna.
Our date night many times was a nice walk to Mikuni. We also really enjoyed the number of nearby walking trails that let us wander through nature without even having to drive to get to the start of the path.
Our backyard was also so calm. It was never too noisy, even though the main road was nearby. I loved the mature trees that bordered the fence and made it feel like our own personal park.
We enjoy out door living. Meals with friends in our pergola, and celebrated family parties on the patio are all part of living the dream in Elk Grove.
Our court is private and homey. The road is only used for the residents that live on “the court”. We love how safe we feel to enjoy time with our neighbors and daughter in the front yard.
Leaving the house on “the court” to be closer to family was a difficult choice. It will always be a special place in our hearts. There really is nowhere else like it. We hope the house brings as much joy to the next family as it did to us.
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