• May 12, 2015
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5 Major Tips for Buying a Multi-Generational Home

MultiGenerational Home for Sale

MultiGenerational Home


Communication and expectations are two major keys when buying a multi-generational home. Add to that every family is unique and the stress in finding a multigenerational home rises exponentially. Therefore every multigenerational home must have a unique style, number of rooms and private and public area mix. Taking time before home searching can save frustration and many hours.


The top 5 tips for Buying a Multi-Generational Home is like a map that can show the way, but the trip is where the real works begins.


1. Communication – Everyone should be heard. Have a family meeting where the oldest to the youngest expresses their wants and desires list.


2. Expectations – Even with an unlimited budget, it could be difficult to find the multigenerational home that has what everyone wants and desires. Manage the expectations and the journey to the new home will be much more joyful.


3. Finances – Open, honest and clear communication about the money up front can save many problems. Finances can be broken into two areas. First, how much can we pay for the home? Second, what are the monthly bills and who is going to pay for what?


4. The home – What does the family need and want in a multigenerational home? What public areas are needed? What private areas are needed? The multigenerational home checklist can help with this discussion.


5. Finding the Home – Multigenerational experienced real estate agents are rare. But they can save time and money when looking for this type of home. At Coffee Real Estate we work with the unique dynamic of every multigenerational family to find them the very best home that works with their budget, wants, needs and location.


Bonus Tip – Special needs can help find the right home. A family member’s necessity of a special needs bathroom or access can exclude many homes. Think about using this property feature to lead the home search.


Finding the right location, style of home, in budget can be a daunting task; but add the family dynamics of a multigenerational family and it can feel overwhelming. Use these 6 tips to get a handle on the process and partner up with a Coffee Real Estate agent to share the load. Then your dream home is just a matter of time.

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