4 warning signs when selling your home

How not to get the maximum value when selling your home

The 4-warning signs when selling your home are key to knowing if the realtor is focused on themselves or selling your home. To maximize the value of your home all the marketing effort should be about your home’s value and reaching the ready, willing and able buyers with the value of your home.


Warning sign 1 is if a realtor tells their story and how great they are, the marketing effort helps them and does little to sell your home. Make sure your home is the point of all the advertising.

Make sure realtor is not selling themselves instead of selling your home!


Warning sign 2 is many realtors focus on marketing to any home buyers. This way they can sell them another home and earn a commission. One example of this is having an open house for a million dollar home. They get a ton of people wanting to see it. But only 1% of people can really afford it. They get a ton of buyer leads and tell you how many people saw the property. Even if 1 in 100 can really afford to buy it.


Warning sign 3 is it cost a lot of money to create amazing images and descriptions. Many agents just do not have the resources to invest in selling your home. Remember, if it does not sell they get no money. The average realtor can not afford to lose the money. That is why you should use a company with the assets to invest in selling your home. They will spend the money to create great marketing and advertise to attract the right buyers.


Warning sign 4 is knowing where the ready, willing and able buyers are, is not a skill set most average realtors have. Also, the amount of money to find and put your marketing message in front of them is also out of reach for most average realtors. Their lack of resources greatly impacts the chances of success when selling your home.

The average realtor has 3 ways to sell your home. They put up a sign, place it on the MLS and then hope.

Coffee Real Estate’s 92-point marketing system is designed to give home owners the maximum dollars in the shortest time. It works fast because it is tested and ready to go on day one. Our marketing specialists are not thinking what to do, but ready to activate the powerful marketing system to sell your property.

Coffee Real Estate focuses on two key dynamics. Build value in your property and let the maximum number of ready, willing and able buyers know about it.

Building value in your property begins with understanding the best features and benefits for buyers. The key to realizing the highest price is to design a story about your house that showcases its worth.


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