2 Secrets to Sell Your Home Fast and for More Money


These are not “for sale by owner” tricks.

These secrets immediately give you the insights you need to sell your home quicker and for more money.


Like most profound secrets, these two will be understood when viewed from the proper prospective. When you view this issue as how do I sell my property for the most money and in the quickest way possible, you view the problem differently. It is now a problem with a solution for you.
When the average person wants to sell their home, they think “who do I know who is a realtor?” Problem solved. Right?





The problem they solved is where is the realtor going to get their next commission check. The realtor’s goal is to get paid. And all they need for that to happen is a closed real estate transaction. Their goal, if they want to get paid is to sell the home at any price. It does not solve your need to sell your home for the most money, quickly.


This leads us into secret one—Do not use an average realtor to sell your home.


The average realtor has a cookie cutter 3 step plan to sell homes.

1. They put up sign.

2. They put it on MLS.

3. And they hope someone comes along and buys it.

Why do you think the average realtor tries to talk the home owner into a lower price? If they price it low enough, an active investor will offer wholesale bottom dollar for the property. And the realtor gets a commission.
I know a person who used an average realtor to sell his home. They sold in 2 days! The realtor priced the property for $70,000 under market. She sold it to an investor who flipped it and made $50,000 with no work. Commission check to realtor and loss to home owner of $50,000 to $70,000. A professional fair market priced home would sell, but it takes professional marketing. Can you see how using an average realtor can cost you money?

A 10% higher sale price is a few commission dollars to the realtor, but it means tens of thousands of dollars to the home owner.


Secret number two – Find a company that will professionally market your property. They must have a comprehensive marketing system that will add value to your home and target the ready, willing and able buyers.

Coffee Real Estate team

Professional Marketing Team

Here is an example of a company that professionally markets homes. If you are in their service area have them show you how they will market your home. It will give you some insights into how homes are marketed.


Coffee Real Estate’s 92-point marketing system is designed to give home owners the maximum dollars in the shortest time. It works fast because it is tested and ready to go on day one. Our marketing specialists are not thinking what to do, but ready to activate the powerful marketing system to sell your property. You want someone ready on day one to sell your home right!


Coffee Real Estate Inc. puts its company resources behind the marketing. We use our staff and sub-contractor to design professional ads, take photos, make videos, write copy, build web sites, syndicate your property for sale on the internet, SEO for your property, set up and run social media marketing including a Facebook strategy and has the money to back up all the marketing commitment.


By having a company take a personal interest in selling your property, you gain in professionalism, resources of time, money and company wide experience. Can you see the value of having a professional marketing company sell your home?
run down property sold
Danny had a property that was in such poor condition other realtors gave up trying to sell it after a year. Coffee Real Estate Inc. staff looked at the property and found a feature of the title that they created as a benefit for a potential buyer. The new owner which we found and represented paid top dollar. He is happy with his purchase because of the power of benefit marketing. Do you see how this attention to detail can help sell your home for more money?


Rosario had a unique home. The home had many odd features and even some fire damage. Coffee Real Estate designed a marketing plan to change the odd features into a benefit for families with multi-generational needs and sold it to a family we found and represented for market price. Another win-win deal. Can you see how understanding who would want to buy your home could help it sell faster?



home for sale SOLD
Paul had an upscale home that he wanted to sell for top dollar. We found a buyer with a targeted ads campaign to the top income demographic who could afford this type of home and a mega open house that drew many prospective buyers. Can you see how professional target marketing can attract the correct buyer to pay more money for your home?



Coffee Real Estate works hard to sell your home for the maximum amount the market will bear. The home owners we represent deserve a professional marketing campaign to sell their home quickly and for the most money.


Contact Coffee Real Estate Inc. for a free, no obligation marketing analysis of your property.

See for yourself how the 92-point marketing system will sell your house for more money and quicker.


free listing marketing

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