Why Coffee Real Estate?


Coffee Real Estate

Yes I like coffee but that is not a really good way to name a business.

Coffee is easy for people to remember. Coffee is generally will liked. And I think it makes for a good logo and promotional items.

Coffee is a well-known comfort food. The aroma of coffee fills a home with a rich pleasurable ambiance. Coffee with family and friends help make a house a home.

But I am sorry if you don’t like coffee. Coffee drinking is not mandatory to have a good experience with one of our real estate professionals.

Coffee Real Estate’s mission is to create a highly professional team of agents, but with a commitment to a caring personal attitude to each and every client.

Our mission Statement is to be client focused. Coffee Real Estate offers professional real estate services at the level of assistance that the client wants. Coffee Real Estate offers full service luxury real estate features to pick only the services necessary to accomplish the real estate transaction.

So if you are so inclined, have a cup of coffee and check out the information on the web site. And if you have any questions at all email, text, call, Facebook message, LinkedIn message or come on by and see us. We are happy to share our insights, experience and knowledge with you.


Can you find the wed site address in the logo?


Coffee Real Estate


2800 Arden Way

Sacramento, CA 95825


BRE Corporation Identification Number:01957904

BRE Broker Identification Number: 01926233