How to Maximize the Sale of Your Care Home?


  1. First create and build value for all three essence factors.
  •     The Location
  •     The Home
  •     The Care Home business
  1. Create a marketing plan that communicates these values to the right buyers
  •     92 point marketing plan
  •     Identify buyers
  •     Create the materials needed
  •     Create website
  •     Create business value
  •     And much more…….
  1. Spend the resources needed to meet the goals of the marketing plan
  •     Facebook ads and post
  •     Blog post
  •     Ad Words
  •     MLS
  •     Targeted email (not spam)
  •     And much more……
  1. Stay involved in the sale
  •     Meet clients and agents at the property
  •     Weekly updates
  •     Create new marketing
  1. Be proactive to close the deal
  •     Stay on top of escrow issues
  •     Be aware of buyer loan issues
  •     Be ready to negotiate any issues
  •     Be ready for business issues
  •     Be ready for licensing issues
  •     Be actively involved to record and hand over keys
  •     Be available after closing

Coffee Real Estate takes a hands-on approach to all our properties for sale. Care Home properties demand even more attention to details. The main reason is that care homes are really two sales. The property is one and the business is the second sale. The buyer has to understand the value of both to pay you the most money.

We will work hard to communicate both values. First, how the house value is increased because of all the work you have done to make it a licensed care home. Next is to show how the care home business is valued. It has value more than the income minus expenses. All the assets of staff, training, record keeping, clients, licensed and so much more. Let us talk and see how much we can sell your care home for now.

Daniel Parisi Broker care home property specialist   BRE # 01923081 NMLS # 997987

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