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Coffee Real Estate helps the first time home buyer with step by step information and guidance. Getting powerful insights and professional help can help a family navigate the process to get their first home.

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A multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home. One common feature is the desire for multiple master suites. What is a multigenerational family?

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Resident care homes in California are residential properties that are designed or laid out to function as a business to care for people. The people could be elderly or senior care or individuals with physical handicaps or even emotional needs.

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Horse ranches are as much about a life style as they are a place to live. The basic elements of a horse ranch are barn, pasture, paddock, training area, fencing, feed and hay storage areas and, of course, a place for people to live. All of these features can be highly specialized or very rudimentary just depending on the needs and budget of the property owner.

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Investment Real Estate  can take on many forms. Real estate fixer-uppers have a simple formula for creating profit. The property owner adds value by doing a renovation. A basic rental property is a tried and proven form of real estate investment. Simply buy a property and rent it out to a tenant.

Multi-family residential property usually provides the most stable returns by nature of more units to rent within a single property. A Multi-family residential property can help mitigate lost income because each tenant is on a different point in their lease or time renting.

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