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Recognizing the Dream Home

All the preparation of finding the right neighborhood, knowing the correct price range and having a clear picture of the house wanted now come together in finding the right home.

Finding a Home

Working with a Coffee Real Estate professional agent, the process of finding a home is well on the way. The work to find the right neighborhood has narrowed down the geographic area. The pre-qualification process has narrowed down the price range of the home. The house check list has given a detailed list of the features wanted and needed in the home.

The acronym “M.L.S.” stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a database of properties available for sale and represented by a real estate agent in a given area. The MLS in northern California area including Sacramento is Metrolist.

CoffeeReal.Estate web site’s list of properties for sale are directly inputted by the Sacramento and Northern California MLS Metrolist. That means the properties listed on CoffeeReal.Estate are accurate and up to date.

Internet sites like Zillow, Trulia, and get their information second hand.  The key thing for home buyers and sellers to know is that these sites don’t always have the most up-to-date or accurate information. They are helpful and frustrating at the same time. Many of the listing are sold, but not updated. This leads to many uniformed home shoppers liking an already sold property. This can be very maddening.

Property searches can take a long time to find the right home. Coffee real estate agents also search the “For Sale By Owner” FSBO market for their clients. This is very rare in the real estate business.
Also, Coffee Real Estate has a data base of real estate investors, flippers, out of state owners and even pre foreclosed properties to check for the first time home buyer. Communicating the community, price range and style of house all help find the perfect home.

Coffee Real Estate also has a program to find homes not for sale for the first time home buyer. Coffee Real Estate and the agents will market, go door to door and contact owners of property in the correct community and price range for our buyer. This is a very unique commitment to superior service.

Sometimes finding the right home is finding the right real estate agency to work with first.

Coffee Real Estate offers both a wholesale and retail way to sell your Sacramento home.
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