Colfax Ranch Subdivided Possibility

Zoned One Acre Minimum

Colfax horse ranch for sale 3 Coffee Real Estate

The Colfax property is 23.5 acre zoned for minimum one acre lots (F-B-43). The land is all usable.
The property has a fully up dated custom country home on one of the lots. The current owner has tentative map approved by Placer County for a minor land division. There is public water to the current home and approved for each lot of the minor land division.
  This is more than a diamond in the ruff; it is acres of diamonds ready to be sold at a profit.
The asking price of $1,250,000 includes the updated move- in ready country home and horse amenities like a barn, pastures, arena, round pen and more. One option is making the current ranch a five acre horse ranch which can be sold in the mid eight hundred thousand dollar range.
This lowers the price to the remaining 18.5 acres to only $400,000. That makes the cost only $26,700 per acre!

 Worth a look?

Colfax parcel map


Colfax parcel map for sale Coffee Real Estate

The 23 acre land can be subdivided into one acre parcel by zoning. The current improvement plan for Kingston way is for a four parcel spilt.

Parcel 1 is a 1.44 acre lot near the front of the property.

Parcel 2 is a 5.00 acre lot.

Parcel 3 is a 6.51 acre lot.

Parcel 4 is a 10.55 acre lot. This lot is where the current house is located


The parcel map on this page has the place of each lot located on the land. 3 of the parcels can be subdivided into small lots is the new owner wants to make one acre lots.