Horse Property

Barn - Training Area - Pastures

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The Colfax horse ranch has quality features like a barn, pastures, paddocks, training area, cross fencing, feed and hay storage areas. Horse property is a place for horses and a family to live together. The Colfax ranch is a wonderful home to view horses out in the pastures and at the barn. There is a harmony of country home, horse amenities and land.

The barn, training areas and pasture work in harmony to give the horses and family enjoyable quality time together.  The horse features of the Colfax ranch are very functional and not pretentious. This ranch makes both the horse and the family feel at home.

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Stonybrook Ranch can boast a beautiful vintage barn complete with cedar siding. This barn has four indoor stalls including a birthing stall. The addition out the back can quickly and easily have 8 stalls. The ranch at one time had 17 horses in the barn and stall area. Each stall is completed with a paddock and automatic waterers. The barn has ample electricity with several outlets around the barn. There is both NID ditch water and city water in the barn and barn area.

To top it off there is hay storage that has been raised to keep the hay dry. There is also a loft in the barn for hay storage. The breeze way in the barn is wide enough and tall enough to allow for a flatbed truck fully loaded with hay to back in and unload.

Training Area

When it comes to arenas this one is pretty incredible. With its very slight slope, it lets the water drain off allowing the whole arena to be used the day after a rain storm. There are never any puddles in this arena. This arena is fully fenced and has a spectator viewing platform. Sprinklers are placed at intervals around the arena to help keep the dust down. Large evenly spaced lights will light up the arena for night riding. For more information about horse training areas.

When it comes to western riding this arena has plenty of straight lines and a great width. On the flip side, this arena can easy accommodate a 7 plus obstacle jumping course. Just off to the right of the arena there is a pipe fenced round pen for training and turning out purposes. And when you are ready to go out, there is the circle jump course and the water jumps waiting in the pasture.  


When the horses aren’t resting in the barn they can be found out in the pasture. It currently has two rotating pastures. These pastures have irrigation and are fenced with both pipe fencing and horse no climb fencing. One pasture has a year round pond that is deep enough for the horses to go for a swim. Both pastures have generous shade trees. There is also a small cross country jump course that covers both pastures. This course includes water jumps, a rock wall jump, and many logs of varying sizes. There is also a Clinton Anderson inspired circle jump course to school on.