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July 17, 2014 in Real Estate

Problem fast house sales

When a house sells too fast   Home owners could be losing profit unnecessarily   Houses sell fast in a standard market when they are priced low. This could be a good thing if the owner needs to sell fast. But if the owner wants to maximize the proceeds from a property sale, a too fast sale indicates the price was set too low. If a cash investor buyer snaps up the property... Read more
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July 7, 2014 in Mortgage Real Estate

Mortgage Application Checklist

Mortgage Application Checklist The mortgage application requires a good deal of information.  The information as well as the documents proving the data can feel very personal. The lender is required by some laws to ask for some data. Other data is the lender’s policies and lending guidelines.   Information Full legal name, Social Security number, Date of Birth phone number, email... Read more
July 7, 2014 in Real Estate

CC&R Rules

CC&Rs Can Have a Big Impact on a Home   Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions or CC&Rs create rules for a housing community.  The CCR&Rs are agreements on the part of the buyer to do or not do certain things.  The buyer automatically agrees to these by purchasing the property. Some CC&Rs are easy to understand others may cause some life style changes. ... Read more
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What’s up with CoffeeReal.Estate? Coffee Real Estate’s web site is CoffeeReal.Estate. There is no .com. Yes another business had the .com address. But we went for the cool factor of a .estate web site address. .estate is visible to Internet users as the suffix at the end of a domain name. What is . estate? And how can the internet find web sites that do not use the .com, .gov, .net and... Read more