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Care Homes are in Neighborhoods

Welcome to Coffee Real Estate your online resource for your care home real estate needs. Here at Coffee Real Estate we are an industry leader in care home real estate and in niche markets such as the Adult Residential Facilities (ARF), Residential Care for the Elderly (RCFE), Regional Centers and Alta California Regional Center (ACRC). We are pioneers in consumer services with our dedication to our customer satisfaction. We will help you buy, sell, or lease a care home facility.

Types of Care Homes

Resident care homes in California are residential properties that are designed or laid out to function as a business to care for people. The people could be elderly or senior care or individuals with physical handicaps or even emotional needs.

Types of Care Homes



Types of Clients for a Care Home

The type of clients is important to know for the type of care home staff, facilities features, licensing and experience needed. Each type of client requires special knowledge and training.

Type of Clients


How to Value a Care Home Business

Accurately valuing the small business aspect is often the most challenging part of the process for a care home buyer or seller. The challenge for the buyer is to formulate a valuation that is accurate, and will prove to provide the buyer with an acceptable return on your investment.

Value a Care Home Business


Alta Care Homes

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) Care Homes are specialized residential facilities. An Alta care home is vendored Sacramento regional center residential facility.  

Alta Care Homes



RCFE Care Homes

A Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) are non-medical facilities that provide a level of care that includes assistance with activities of daily living. Residential Care Facility for the Elderly are sometimes called "Assisted Living" or "Board and Care" facilities.

RCFE Care Home


Coffee Real Estate website containing information about care home and support documents are intended to provide general information only. Because legislative requirements for home care standards, employment law and business operations vary, the information presented should not be interpreted as being universally applicable. The information is given with the understanding that they do not constitute legal, medical, accounting or other professional advice. Legal advice & other professional assistance should be sought prior to commencing your care home business in order to determine the impact of all levels of government legislation, rules and regulations, local laws, licenses, etc. upon the operation of the care home business.

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