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5 Tips for Purchasing a Care Home


The Alta 4i care home at 8186 Laguna Brook Way, Elk Grove home is a turnkey solution. The property and SR Williams-Residential includes the house, fixtures to operate the care home, the operation systems and trained staff.

The value of this Sacramento care home opportunity is the property value and business value. The business value includes that this is an ongoing Alta 4i care home. This property as a care home is extremely functional. Many care homes are poorly modified homes. This is like a purpose built care home. The living space in the care home exhibits a family like atmosphere.

The cooking and eating areas are very functional which makes upkeep and maintenance easy. The outside areas are all protected and have the ability to give some private time for both the staff and residents.

The business property has value. This is the stuff to make the business operate. Things like the computer, beds, laundry equipment, food storage and prep equipment, living area, play areas and much more. The conservative range on these is $25,000 to $40,000. The time and know how to put together a care home business is greatly underestimated by first time care home operators. There is a lot of trial and error learning curve in what works and what does not work.

The care home business shows a positive cash flow. This money can be used for profit; self-paid wages, if paid in taxes or social security are needed, home improvement, quality of life issues for the residence, staff or owners. This is where the tax strategies and investment goals determine the direction of the enterprise.

Most home care owners will give 30 to 90 days transfer time. Shawn Williams’s commitment of a full year makes it possible for not already vendored and licensed Alta owners to purchase this opportunity (fee to be negotiated). Not only helping with not making mistakes in the transfer but the time needed to become qualified to own and operate this type of business.  This is extremely rare. It also opens up to other business opportunities in the future of adding more locations. This can create a diverse income stream. And in return creates a more robust enterprise.

The opportunity that the 8186 Laguna Brook Way property offers is unique. It is located in a quality neighborhood. It creates a very high quality of live for both the clients and care givers. This adds to stability and enjoyment of the living situation.

The Value of SR Williams-Residential creates an immediate equity in the business opportunity.  It is also one of the rare businesses that does a social good, personal good and is a sound business.


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Below is Alta California Regional Center description of the level of care for a 4a care facility.


Level of Care


(Based upon Title 17 Regulations for ARM)

The behavioral/needs descriptions listed below are not all inclusive. A care home may only accept some of the behaviors/ needs listed or may have a “specialized” type of setting.

This tool is meant only as a reference guide.


Level 2

Facility: Homelike environment / Rx Monitoring / Provides supportive program / Supervision & training / Participate in development of Individual Program Plans ( IPP’s); Avg. 1:6 Staff Ratio

Consumer: Minimal assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) / Mild behaviors (teasing, screaming, resistive) / Mild non-compliance

Level 3

Facility: L2 + Structured environment / Trained Staff / Avg 1:3 Staff Ratio

Consumer: Significant limitations to ADLs / Limitations in physical abilities / Mild to moderate SIB / Mild to moderate behaviors (aggression, running, wandering, tantrums, property destruction, resistive)

Level 4

Facility: L3+ Highly structured environment / Predictable staff intervention / Behavior Plans / Specialized Consultation / Quarterly Progress Reviews / Enriched staffing based upon Level 4A to 4I/ May have awake staff. Some homes may have a “medical” model i.e. homes designated specifically for medically fragile children.


Consumer: Severe limitations on ADLs / Severe Behaviors / AWOL / Severe Non-compliance

Acronyms: ADL – Activities of Daily Living; PT – Planning Team; Avg. – Average; Asst – assistance; IPP – Individual Program Plan; Rx – Prescription; SIB – Self Injurious Behavior; AWOL – Absent without leave