4530  Miller Oak Dr,  Auburn, CA  95602

Dan Parisi California department of Real Estate licensed broker from Coffee Real Estate sold this property with targeted real estate marketing plan. The property and value report was very helpful to the buyer. 

Nestled in the oaks this home is country living at its best. The horse ranchette has flat acreage suitable for horses and many other animals. This sought after Auburn neighborhood is on a Cul-de-sac for even more privacy.



Country Home

family room country home for sale

Country living typically is casual and cozy. 

Country living is many things to many people. Country living can be rural areas or a decorating choice. It can be a life style or an image. Country living can be self-sufficient living, gardening of all types and/or animals of all types. It can mean big families, multigenerational families and unique family groups.

This property creates the country life style. The right house is a major step in starting a country home. When looking to buy a country home,  make sure it has all the elements you want for the home. Is the land the correct size and layout? Is the house suitable to make into our country home? Does it feel right?


Horse Ranchette

Horse Ranchette

This Ranchette brings a family and horses living in harmony in a cozy environment.

The size of this property allows for more interaction between the horses and family.

Pastures are not only the places where the horses spend a lot of their day, but they are the expression of the horse property. Seeing horses running across a pasture is one of the highlights of owning horse property.

Pastures create a connection to the land, balancing of what the horses take and what the land can give. The stability of the land, water and plant life all come together in harmony to create a pasture that is another joy of horse property ownership.


Home Sweet Home

master bedroom country home for sale

This house that create the ability to be a home. This Auburn country home has a successful mix of public space and private space.

Peace in a home comes from a successful mix of public and private areas. The wrong mix creates stress and conflict.

What are the public and private areas? Public areas are the family room, kitchen, dining room, back yard and places that are open for any member of the family to be without barriers. There can be some restrictions like small children by the stove and the like. But the concept of free access is significant to the public areas.

Private areas are the rooms that an individual controls. Bedrooms are generally the most important private space. These can be shared but an area within the bedroom can be designated an individual personal space.


To See the Home or Make an Offer

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Outdoor Living

foothill country home for sale

Country living can be self-sufficient living, gardening of all types and/or animals of all types. This California foothill property is great for 4H animals, horses and many pets. The out door space can have a natural look or room to make many types of gardens and orchards. This property is a wonder land for kids of all ages. Fun times come free with the property.




4 Bedrooms

2.5 Bathrooms

2118 Square Feet

Lot Size 1.50 Acres

Large Master Suite

Horse Property

Northern California Foothill Home

on Cul-De-Sac

Built in Book Shelfs

Only $399,000


  Property & Valuation Report