Care Home Ready Property

Dan Parisi California department of Real Estate licensed broker with Coffee Real Estate sold this Sacramento care home property with targeted real estate marketing plan.


Money Maker Real Estate

Resident care homes in California are residential properties that are designed or laid out to function as a business to care for people. The people could be elderly or senior care or individuals with physical handicaps or even emotional needs.


Care Home Property

Here is a purpose built care home. Ready to go!

Sacramento home for sale care home bedroom

Care Home living

ADA wider bedroom doors and walk ways. Exits are in all bedrooms. Home is laid out to meet staff and client’s needs. Security is in place. It was licensed as care home by DSS. Low maintenance design.

Care homes are a business. The price must be right to make a profit. This property is priced to sell and make a profit

Care home property is also a business opportunity. The amount of income and profit is based on the type of care home. The amount of money each client brings into the business can vary from around $1,000 to $10,0000. The business model is key to the success of the care home.

5 Tips for Purchasing a Care Home


Special Needs Family

Bathroom, Bedrooms, Doorways and Hallway are bigger and wider!

home for sale special needs bathroom

Special Needs Bathroom

Single story home is idea for special needs family. The doors are wide to all areas of the home. There is a special needs bathroom. The cost to change a standard house into a special needs home is considerable. 

Add to this the outside wheelchair friendly layout and uses makes this property a great value and unique find. 

Multi-Generational Home

A multigenerational home is designed to meet the needs of multigenerational families. Multigenerational families have unique requirements for public and private space within a home.

Sacramento home for sale kitchen

Public Family Areas

The multigenerational property has a unique mix of home design. Successful multi-generational living requires a fine balance between private and communal spaces. Public areas focus around eating, social interaction, playing, entertainment, relaxing, parties and social gatherings. 

The single floor design home is very helpful to many multigenerational family.

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Car Projects • Work Shop • Man Cave

home for sale garage man cave

Large 4 Car Garage


The garage is a car person dream. There is room for projects cars and day to day cars. There are two other out buildings. Great for man cave, work shop, project of all kinds all paved area makes for many options.



4 Bedrooms

2.5 Bathrooms

2432 Square Feet

Lot Size 0.23 Acres

Large Master Suite

Move in Ready

Easy Access to Highway

Located Next to Police Station

Low Maintenance Design






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